Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rather wet Birding

A text at midday today from Ken Croft alerted me to a Barred Warbler at the same site as last year just down the road from my home in Holyhead.

I arrived to see Ken viewing the bird from the left hand side of the road to Breakwater Park just infront of the second bridge. The Bird showed well on and off due to walkers oblivious to what was there walking passed with dogs etc.

The rain begna to come down hard and fast so we retreated to the car and viewed the warbler from there for approx 30 mins until the rain turned horrendous! so we left and hopefully it will hang around so i can get some better pics :-(

Anyway here's a few from today bearing in mind it was terrible weather but either way they're record shots :-) and another off the yearlist , Cheers Ken ;-)

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