Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Well Hello to everyone!

I haven't put much up since some time now and thought that since I've had such a great time over the last week I should share it :-)

Started off by having erected my new Red Squirrel Hide in Holyhead and extensive clearing to the site to give better views and photo opportunities.

 The Reds show fantastically as per usual and even have had one come right up the tree trunk alongside the hide and look in at me lol

It was on one visit to the hide on the 25th of September that i noticed a pretty looking robinesk type bird sat on a branch some distance away from the hide. I looked through the bins and could see it was a Flycatcher BUT it seemed to have a redish/pinkish tinge to its breast? I took a couple of pics straight away as I wasn't sure what I was looking at to be honest. As I picked up the bins again the local Robin flew at the bird and chased it off , a behavior we've all seen with Robins. This made me think young robin then and never thought anything else about it.

UNTIL! I was uploading the pics for the week on Sunday the 29th and then I saw the two pics ,i had forgotten about them OPPS!

As I had started back birding approx 4 years ago after a big break of about 20 years! I found myself thinking OMG I think this is a Red Breasted Flycatcher! but hold on a minute I'm no expert so best ask the Birding Guru's so emails where sent out to Steve Culley, Alan Davies,Robin Sandham, Ken Croft, Norman Robottom, Alex Jones , Mark Hughes and Paul Brewster.

The wait was worth it :-) all agreed I had seen a First winter female Red Breasted Flycatcher , this was FANTASTIC :-) a Lifer for me and the first record this year for Anglesey too BONUS!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the id of this bird you've made me a happy guy CHEERS!

The next outing was to the Great Orme  in the hope of pinning down a Lapland Bunting which have eluded me over the past few years :-(  As I arrived at the Orme I noticed a familiar face its was Alex Jones he had just seen the Bunting dip down into some long grass near by so off we went to try and pin it down . A Meadow Pipit flew up and made us jump but no joy but hold on what was that second bird ? Low and behold a Lapland Bunting :-) Happy Days ! another Lifer for me !! a couple of pics and then it disappeared into the long grass.

The report of a couple of Jack Snipes at RSPB Conwy was the next plan of attack as these little blighters have eluded me even tho whilst doing Webs counts through the autumn and winter periods in areas wher these are meant to be plentiful :-( Anyway as I arrived at Tyn Lan hide there it was a Jack Snipe at last! and my god what a view out in the open bobbing and feeding in full view, only downside was having to take pics through the window mmmm but hey ho another Lifer ,HAPPY GUY!

Well this week was booming!! As I arrived back home in Holyhead on Saturday sods law a text came through letting me know a Glossy Ibis was on the Clwyd ! DAM IT !! I could of had that at the same time , but luckily it was still present on the Sunday when myself  and Dave Jones caught up with it , a lovely young bird , it showed really well and I managed a few good record shots and ticked off another on my yearlist.
The mad thing was on Monday Jim Bach found another Glossy Ibis on Gaerwen Marsh lol typical!

So what will October bring? Ive been laid up in bed since yesterday midday and looks like will still be house bound for a few days and sods law that other little blighter of a bird a Yellow Browed Warbler has ben seen earlier today next door to me on the Range and i cant get there  ARGHHHH!!!! that would be another lifer too, but hey I guess three lifers last week i shouldn't complain :-)


  1. Enjoyable write up Mogs- and well done on the Flycatcher :-)

    1. Cheers Marc and thanks again for your help ;-)

  2. Well done Grahame, brilliant find with the RbFly & great pics as usual. I popped to see the Lap Bunts too but they were so flighty in the high winds & being with flighty Mipits that on a tight schedule I didnt get any shots, well done again :)

    1. Cheers matey :-) shame i dint know your where around we could of had a catch up mate