Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hoopoe and Grey Phal

Excellent find by Alex! A bird I've always missed in the UK as they are notoriously bad to twitch. Great to get a local one found by a mate too!

Stopped off at Gronant too and enjoyed excellent views of the Grey Phalarope. What a little gem!

More photos/account on my blog.


  1. Saw the bird today. Lovely bird and a long overdue Clwyd tick for me.
    Very pale bird. Could this indicate the bird being of a more eastern origin?

    1. Great find Alex! Yes it struck me as being quite greyish, I saw a similar-looking late autumn bird at Hoylake a few years ago that was mooted as possibly the Asian race "saturata", don't know how doable they are tho or tbh, even the potential variation in European birds at this time of year - worn, bleached adults etc.
      Great bird tho!
      Cheers, Mike.