Sunday, 18 September 2011

Anglesey 18.09.11

BBS showed all day at Conwy but we headed to Lynas with NWesterlies forecast but it wasnt that windy until we arrived and it picked up nicely.  2 Sabs, an adult and juv were seen straight away, followed by 5 Black Tern, 5 Arctic Skua, 2 Bonxie, 3 Pom, 2 RTD, and 3-5 Balearic, two of which landed.  Most birds passed close with little passing distantly.
Above: Balearic Shearwater showing well but in poor light
Below: Big feeding flock beneath the headland.
Grey Phalarope showing on flooded horse paddock just before the reservoir on the road to South Stack.  Prints available!
BBSs were showing again on the 2nd headland from the lighthouse on the Range. 

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  1. Nice one Rob. You did well to get a shot of a Bally! It's a shame that Phal is innaccessable as I recon you could get some really nice pics of it.