Sunday, 18 September 2011



Timor Sparrow


Monserat Oriole

Socorro Dove

Red and Yellow Barbet

Northern Hawk Owl

Chestnut backed thrush

It was my daughters birthday this weekend so we had a day out to Chester Zoo so I couldn't do any "proper" birding. However there are some quality birds to be had on our doorstep all-be-it in captivity. They are all well housed and they are doing their best to breed their stuff for conservation purposes. A great example being the pair of Monserat Orioles feeding their recently fledged chick - good luck I say! They also have Socorro Doves which are extinct in the wild, so Chester zoo is as good a place as any to see that bird. It also gives good photo opertunities for birds that are difficult to get in the wild providing you can even get there in the first place. Quality birds like Sunbittern were flashing there wings - until I showed it the camera of course. All in all a great day out! And the family loved it as well ;-)

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