Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fair Isle Update

There have been plenty of birds in since I arrived back at the end of August. Within an hour of my plane landing this Booted Warbler was found. The following morning our second Great Snipe of the season turned up in one of the crop strips. On September the 2nd an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler turned up in the morning briefly before being pinned down in one of the islanders gardens in the evening. Supporting cast included a Pec Sand and a Citrine Wagtail. Along with a flock of c10 Rosefinches, several Barred Warblers and a Red-backed Shrike. On September 11th the second Juv Pallid Harrier turned up. It seems to follow me around census, touring the island. Though, it was last seen spiraling high and east towards midday over the sea. Melodious Warbler was a good Fair Isle tick for me this morning. A Sab's Gull was also seen this afternoon on a seawatch. Photos by Arnaud Barras, David Parnaby and Dave Curtis. Hope everyone is having a good Autumn at home. Should be back towards the end of October.

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