Friday, 18 November 2011

Anglesey birding

John Roberts and I were tempted west today. First stop Llyn Coron. 12 White fronts showed well. Sadly no beans. Not a good start as these would be a much needed welsh first for me.
Next to Valley wetlands. No sign of the interesting red necked grebe for an hour. After a long search we headed back to the mound and the grebe suddenly appeared. It showed very well but was constantly hassled by a great crested. The bill is longer than any red necked I have seen before and perhaps the neck a little more slender. Certainly a good spot by Chris.
After a tip off from Alan we set off to the Alaw Estuary to look for the lesser yellowlegs. The bird was showing well as soon as we arrived.
Black guillis were present off the fish quay in Holyhead.
We decided to try once more for the bean geese on the way home and were very lucky to have the 3 birds fly over our head and away just as we arrived.

Hoping to put some hours in at my local Gresford flash this weekend as a very reliable local birder had a caspian gull there yesterday!


  1. Hi Kev, did he get photos? We still haven't had a nailed on Caspian Gull in Wales yet.
    All the best

  2. Hi Kev, I believe that I met you as you arrived at Coron today. Sorry to hear that you blanked on the Beans.

  3. Got the beans on our second thanks.
    Steve, unfortunately no photo of the caspo as far as I know.