Thursday, 17 November 2011

They are Tundra Bean Geese

After chatting to my mate Dave Fairhurst (Suffolk/Shetland birder but ex-St Helens = Good Lad), he has enlightened me on Bean Geese. Generally the main wintering populations of Taiga's are found in the Yare Valley near Norwich and Fannyside Loch (between Glasgow and Edinburgh). Normally 'The Place' for Tundras is North Warren in Suffolk. Otherwise they are pretty rare in the UK. As we've had nice weather with a lot of SE winds in the UK/Western Europe over the past few weeks this has probably contributed to what has been the best winter, possibly to date in the UK for Tundra Bean Geese, with numerous records around the country and influxes on Shetland. They nest in the same area as Dark bellied Brents and European white fronted geese which ties in nicely as 12 of the latter species turned up at the same time as the 3 Tundra Bean Geese at Llyn Coron. Dave also looked at my photo's and said they look like classic Tundra's to him.

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