Sunday, 20 November 2011

Anglesey still on fire.

All the good birds still on Anglesey this morning (bar the Glossy that did not oblige in the short time availbale there). Red necked Grebe showed very well at Penrhyn and certainly is impressive (video below), while the Siberian Chiff-chaff is a super little bird. Steve's description is spot on, although the wingbar was quite prominent in the early morning light. The call was heard often- a plaintive 'peeeep' often likened to a mournful dunnock a good way of picking up with the roving tit flock. A single Tundra Bean Goose alonside a Pink footed Goose here gave excellent conparison between the two species. The Lesses Yellowlegs was also on form on the Alaw Estuary at Llanfachraeth. 11 Whooper swans showed well at Malltraeth Marsh as we were looking in vain for the Ibis.

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  1. The Yellowlegs obviously doesn't like being squeaked at!