Monday, 16 April 2012

Anglesey updates and Wembley

I had 2 Groppers reeling on the coastal walk to the west of Amlwch Octel yesterday.
A lot more Swallows seemed to be around this weekend after the Northerly winds were holding them back.
This Raven flew by me several times at Amlwch, obviously clearing out some poor birds nest full of eggs!
I bumped into a group of around 10 Wheatears just inland from Amlwch in some rocky sheep fields.
A "fall" of Wheatears. Mike Smith also noticed an arrival around Cemaes yesterday.
This first summer Med showed well again at Penrhos CP yesterday.
Fly-over Chough at the Cafe at South Stack yesterday.
Goldcrest on territory whilst doing a Breeding Bird survey yesterday.
Wembley Way on Saturday Morning. Had 85 Red Kites on the M40 between the M25 and the Oxford turn-off!
Reds and Blues went down togeather. Great atmosphere before the match (not sure about after, on the way home). Spotted Pete Fearon after the match and almost asked him to give us another talk at Bangor, but as he's a big Evertonian, I didn't think it was the best of times to ask him!
Another Blue Tit for Zac.
Les Colley had a female Marsh Harrier at Erddreiniog yesterday, so things are gradually coming in.


  1. Great weekend Steve.
    Sadly for me i had to sell my tickets as ive managed to break my leg whilst away on Fuerteventura. Think i may have to do the same with my final tickets. Lets hope we stuff Chelsea, especially after their antics yesterday!

  2. Great Blog post and a fantastic finale ;) A lovely capture of an even lovelier bird!