Sunday, 1 April 2012

Are birdwatchers lunatics?

This crossed my mind recently. I was in my in-laws front garden yesterday playing with the kids when I heard something funny calling. I told the kids to "be quiet" and as they did I realised it was a calling Adult Med Gull flying overhead. I jumped into the neighbours garden (Mike Smith) who is also a Birdwatcher and waved at him pointing at the gull screaming Med Gull through the Double Glazed Windows. It was a Garden Tick for him and the kids thought I had gone insane!
But that's not as bad as my mate Dave.......
Recently whilst on holiday with his family in Centreparks he was concerned at the lack of birds and was starting to lose the will to live. Whilst feeding the ducks he noticed there before him was a Pochard with a ring on it's leg! Suddenly he saw a meaning to his life again and to further the knowledge of Ornithology and without any prior warning to his Wife or Children he launched himself into the lake with an almighty splash! All the ducks went into orbit, his kids started to cry and his Wife thought he was trying to end it all. That was until her very soggy Husband turned around with a smile on his face and a Pochard in his hands!!!! He's still waiting for feedback from the BTO and luckily all the children have now stopped crying ;-)


  1. Great couple of stories!! haha! It's stories like that, that really show how people have passion for birds!

  2. HAHAHA! That's hilarious! The things you do to clinch the ID/Ring of something!

  3. This actually reminds me what Chris Bridge may resort to... He won't mind me writing that on here, he'll probably agree with me!