Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ceredigion Gull update

The Newquay Fish Factory is coming up trumps at the moment and Arfon Williams has seen up to three Iceland Gulls in the area this week (all shown here). Bird one shows a small pale tip to the bill, bird two has a brownish wash to the primaries and tail and bird three has a prominent pale eye. The fourth gull here is a cracking leucistic Herring Gull - note the structure and heavy bill. John Davis also noted one of the colour ringed Herring Gulls (Blue JBY) that we saw last week and has received information from the Severn Estuary ringers - It was ringed as a first winter bird in January 2010 at Stoke Orchard landfill site in Gloucestershire and seen subsequently in February, March and December 2010 at Gloucester L.S. Our sighting was the first since then. John notes that in recent years they have had a few Herring Gulls on the Ceredigion coast which have been ringed in Gloucestershire.

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