Saturday, 2 March 2013

Aberdesach to Pontllyfni

A nice adult Med Gull this afternoon in amongst  the black heads at Aberdesach. It was getting towards full summer plumage and appeared  well ahead of most of the black- heads in its moult.

There was a scatteing of divers further out including 4 Great Northern. Walking North to Trwyn Maen Dylan I flushed 9 grey plovers. There were a lot more birds on the sea including a dispersed raft of 30 courting mergansers and again further out a string of 17 great northers

Apologies for the poor pics but the next one does show the stumpy wings as these birds are moulting their flight feathers at the moment.

It was good to be out in such pleasant conditions. Tomorrow looks even better as the wind is dropping right down towards lunchtime. I might count the whole bay again to see if this winter's "high-score"of 53 Great Northers can be bettered.

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  1. 31 GNDs this morning between Dinas Dinlle and Trefor. So not the hoped for big count despite the good conditions. Highlight was a dipper which ran out of stream at Aberdesach and flew out to sea. It saw sense, turned left and came back on to the beach a few 100 metres to the south . Very odd!