Sunday, 25 November 2012

Another helping of Desert.... and more Waxwings!

Popped across today to take advantage of the November sunshine. The Desert Wheatear showed suoerbly well along the prom, on the wall & the fence as well as making occasional forays down on to the beach & onto the golfcourse. Despite the large crowd of birders (nice to meet a few Blog members) the bird gave close views most of the time. A couple of arguments broke out with accusations of chasing of the bird going on but despite staying armed with phone camera at the ready a fight never broke out for me to post on Youtube!! In true Chris Packham mode I collected a pellet of indigestible insect parts that the bird disgorged onto the seawall & it is drying out in the sunshine on my windowsill now!!

On the way back I found a group of Waxwings in a new location, not reported out previously. There were 20 birds feeding by Station Road in Bagillt, 1.5ml NW of Flint just off the A648 in an industrial estate by AdHoc Conservatories!! Not an unexpected find given the numbers around at the mo but still nice & I stopped to get piccies & enjoy them all by myself!

And an alternative take on the usual Waxwing shots:


  1. Love the second pic - what a unique view!

  2. Thanks Nick - on facebook someone asked if the bird was sat on my head!!!!!