Sunday, 11 November 2012

LB Brents on the Foryd

Great numbers of birds here this winter.  I thought 350-400 today.  There are a few Colour-ringed birds there too including these from a couple of weeks ago:

  • Red K on left only. Other ring missing.  This was traced by GMcE to be a bird ringed on Axel Heiberg in Canada in 2007. 
  • JC/RB (Red J/BlueC) another Axel bird ringed in 2007
  • DP/WW (DP on white) ringed at Strangford Lough, N Ireland
I saw a few more today including:
  • AS'Heart' which wintered in Beddmanarch Bay 2 years ago
  • Yellow T on left only
  • DZ/BR (Blue D/Red Z)
  • LK,BR (Blue L/Red K)
Just submitted them so await info and will update here once i know.


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