Saturday, 24 November 2012

Dez Wez in Rhyl-who'd have thought!

Luckily I managed to get to Rhyl early having been in contact with Tony KF who was reckoning on Desert rather than anything else so well done to him, and Lawrence for finding it and mentioning it and giving everyone the chance to get good views today.  Unluckily I was Liverpool-bound for an afternoon shopping since!  I never expected Rhyl to deliver a World-tick, having missed a couple previously and we don't get many over here.  The bird was moved by walkers and cyclists and twice by a council vehicle along the seawall but was pretty tame.  A walker pushed it up towards me and it stayed within 6ft although I heard some folk were later bounding up to it to try and get within 6ft- which rarely works and is unnecessary.  A bit of patience and common sense is all that's needed for others to enjoy it too.

Couple of pics:

 Scene on arrival with Tony (far right)- bird (far left) showing well and hopped past him as he stood still. Rhyl metropolis in the background. What a great bird- I wonder where it came from!

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