Saturday, 24 November 2012

Desert Wheatear, Rhyl

After Rob's early warning yesterday Tony confirmed the female Wheatear sp. as a Desert this morning.  It's showing well along the promenade from Rhyl Golf Club House eastwards and seemed quite tolerant of people casually walking past it, but was often moved on by joggers and cyclists.  This stretch of the N Wales coast has a nice track record of this species after a male turned up a bit further west in Nov 2007.  A few pics below (much better to follow I'm sure):


  1. It's a cracker. Much needed as I dipped that 07 bird.
    Sadly though it was being constantly harassed by photographers.. By standing still we had it come to us down to 10 metres.
    I actually witnessed one arse with a big lens run at the bird, presumably because it was either too close or not on suitable photogenic backdrop.

  2. In reply to Kev, your right. I turned up on Wednesday in the morning to find 3 photographers sat patiantly on the rocks at the bottom of the slipway while a bloke ran rings around the bird from every angle! anyway what happened is I joined the other 3 and we sat, lay!! take that how you and got some very nice shots of a very confiding bird, we didnt move. We even had a number of dog walkers who disturbed it and the bird always returned to the same stretch of beach, one dog walker asked what she should do to which we replied do what you need to so she followed the same route that she would have if the bird or we wernt there. Patience is key, but most of us know that. It was feeding well, was lively and looked in good shape, I hope the winter isnt too harsh on it.