Saturday, 28 September 2013

All quiet on the western front or the calm before the storm?

After orders from our Commander and Chief to get out of our trenches and go over the top I was out there again at Cemlyn this morning. But it was all quiet on the Western front! It's quite frustrating when you look at the Birdguides Birdmap with the whole of the east coast being pebble-dashed with Yellow browed warblers, Red breasted Fly's and other goodies. Some stuff must filter over soon, surely! There seemed to be less around than yesterday and my bird of the day was this Carrion Crow with just a dash of Hoodie! Presumably a Carrion X with a Hoodie Hybrid. I may try Point Lynas tomorrow and with October imminent adrenaline is starting to work its way into the system.

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  1. Someone said they saw a Richard's pipit on the north coast of Anglesey today so there ARE birds out there! Just need brave souls to find them! Nice one Ste.