Monday, 30 September 2013

Just a cold Common Snipe?

Mantle pattern similar to Jack Snipe
 This bird is currently at Conwy RSPB, I was wondering what others thought? It stood out amongst the surrounding Common Snipe as looking much colder, slightly shorter-billed and having a different looking face. It seems to show dark-barred axillaries which is a good feature of Wilson's Snipe. Unfortunately, I haven't managed any pictures of the under-wings or tail yet but it looks interesting. It is a difficult species because Snipe are so variable and many features overlap with those of Wilson's Snipe.  It was outside the Tal-y-fan hide yesterday morning then on the first island opposite the far viewing screen this morning if anyone is interested in seeing it.
Barred Flanks

Thick super, in front of the eye

Left hand bird

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