Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Eyes peeled for Colour Ringed Sandwich Terns

Geoff Gibbs asked me to post this.

Tony Cross says he ringed a few Sandwich Terns with Red Darvic rings this year on the Dyfi. As Sod's law dictates, last year when we didn't have any colour-rings he caught nearly 100 post breeders at Ynyslas. This year, armed with bright new rings he only managed 11 all autumn! see blog below for photos. Two of these have been sighted at Dawlish Warren in Devon already though.
 http://midwalesringers.blogspot.com/ see entry for Aug 25th to see what the rings look like.
Tony adds: Ewan has had amazing results already from the 1000+ they have managed to do in east Scotland.

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