Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kingfishers at Cemaes and Cemlyn

After Rhys saying how promising the Llanlleiana area looked when he went seawatching it motivated me to try round there on Sunday morning. It's a lovely walk but we didn't see much of note bar good numbers of Mippets and Rockets plus a Wheatear on Llanbadrig headland. In fact the best thing I had on Sunday was this female Kingfisher on the Afon Wygyr in Cemaes just below where the roadbridge crosses the river near The Harbour Hotel. Tony White also had another bird at Cemlyn that day, flying along the ridge.


  1. kingfishers must be relatively new to the area .. I lived near Llanlleiana as a birdwatcher (and lepidopterist) until 1990 and I never saw a kingfisher anywhere in the Cemaes area and I have seen many of them elsewhere .. my most notable sighting is over the River Taff where it passes the Millennium Stadium in Central Cardiff .. You would need to be up very early on a Sunday morning to see them there though !

  2. there are turtle doves in Cemaes Woods which can be seen in the same location as the kingfisher mentioned above