Friday, 20 September 2013

Colour ringed sandwich terns

There were four colour ringed sandwich terns at Rhos Point this afternoon and after making some inquiries it appears that (thanks to Ewan Weston) red over green is from a sands of Forvie project in Aberdeenshire while a red ring left leg/metal right leg could be one of Ewan's North East Scotland Grampian Ringing Group bird but also possibly some Welsh sarnies have had red rings as well as some on the Farne Isles, unfortunately the bird was too far away to read any numbers/letters. Also present again was an orange ringed bird with metal on the other leg and the only scheme I can find with that combo so far is a Bulgarian project. The fourth bird was a bit distant and was either lime green or maybe white so will have to hope it gets nearer if it hangs around.


  1. I had an odd one yesterday. Metal on right leg, but left leg has a ring that seems half blue, half red, not one above the other but half and half sideways so the ring sometimes appears all blue, sometimes red and sometimes obviously split colour.

  2. Oh, and I saw an orange (lt) and metal (rt) juvenile last week too.