Sunday, 29 September 2013

Richards Pipit at Wylfa

I decided to do Wylfa instead of Lynas this morning. Bar a few Chiffies in the Car Park it was pretty quiet. I headed out onto the headland but there was quite a wind coming from the east so I worked my way round the the flatter west side. Nearby at 8.20 I heard the loud "Shreep" call of a Richards pipit and a bird dived into the grass ahead of me. It's quite difficult doing an organised flush on your own, and I worked the area as best I could but produced only two mippets. As time passed and Reg's voice came into my head saying " you need to hear it three times" I started to feel a little less satisfied so I tried the incline to the east.20 minutes later it flew up again, called twice and dissappeared over the brow of the hill, but I least I could see it was a large long tailed pipit. I followed again, and once more it got up called a few times then dissappeared on the NE tip of the headland and I couldn't relocate it.Not a bad start to the day.
Otherwise it was very quiet bar a few Pied Wags on the filter bed and some Rock Pipits near the shore. Pity I couldn't get a photo but I only had flight views and it was quite windy this morning.

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