Sunday, 1 September 2013

August in the Sun - Part 1 Crete

Not many North Wales posts this month I'm afraid as I've been on my travels as many of the regular contributors have. The first few weeks of the month I spent in western Crete with the family. Based in Chania we travelled west and south from here seeing many species. I concentrated my efforts each day on Agia Lake, the only major freshwater lake in the far west. Here are a few of the main species seen during my visit and a few photos:- - adult Lammergeier seen at the Samaria Gorge - 200+ Wood Sandpipers daily with up to 70 at Agia Lake and 200 along the coast. One melanistic type (picture below) - 12+ Eleanora's Falcons at the Lake - 3 juv Little Crake at the Lake - Marsh Sandpiper at the Lake - Ruff, Little Stint, Little Ringed Plovers, Green Sandpipers at the Lake - Night and Squacco Herons at the Lake - Osprey at the Lake - Golden Eagles and Bonelli's Eagles in the White Mountains - Eastern Olivacious Warbler seen at several locations. Also met some great locals including Nikos who is a great photographer and very helpful with local species. A few birds and butterflies taken in Crete earlier this month......
Good numbers of Alpine Swifts seen on the move - upwards of 100+ in flocks
Eleanora's gave great displays chasing dragonflies and hirundines
Three juvenile Little Crakes were present at Agia Lake
This Squacco Heron was a right show off for most of the fortnight

A couple of beautiful Cretian butterflies.
A strange Wood Sandpiper got me going for a while, seen here with a Hooded Crow. It was either melanistic or was heavily oiled. Seemed to be in good health though.


  1. Sounds great Marc and some nice pics. Seriously jealous of that Two tailed Pasha. Awesome mate.

  2. Cheers Matt and thanks for the I.d.