Saturday, 1 September 2012

American Black Tern, Pennington Flash, Manc

After a little debate, an American Black Tern was confirmed Eccleston Mere in Lancs where it occassionally turned up at Prescot Reservoirs less than a mile away. This morning (1st Sept) the bird was relocated at Pennington Flash in Manchester along with a European juv Black Tern for good comparrison!
American Black Tern
Check out for comparison images between European and American Black Tern.

Also, staked it out for Willow Tit for nearly 40 minutes until on finally revealed itself. Also nice to see considering we don't really get them in North wales.


  1. Nice pic Alex. By the time I got there at 430 the bird had left Pennington flash. The black tern was left and showed well. After a couple of hours I gave up.
    On the way home I got news that the yankie tern was back at Eccleston. When I arrived it showed very very well. Time to split it now I've seen one the uk.

  2. There are a few spots for Willow Tits in North Wales, but as people generally 'tick' them at Moore NR and Pennington Flash, they don't look hard enough for them locally...

  3. Glad you got the bird Kev! Yeah, having made the effort to go and see it, I wouldn't mind the split! I think this is the 4th record for the UK... I'm sure they've been well overlooked previously!

    Also, I have heard today as it happens that Willows Tits use to breed down the Conwy valley and like you said CJ, people don't look for them anymore because there are more reliable sites like Pennington Flash. I have missed them at Moore on a few occasions now.

  4. Nice one Alex. There use to be regular sites in the Ciney Valley and on Anglesey for Willow Tit but despite much searching I'm 99% sure they've gone from these sites. However, I've had them around Llyn Brenig and Llyn Alwen annually over the past few years. Tregaron Bog in mid Wales is another 'cast iron' spot.

  5. I'll have to check those sites out when I get some time! Thanks Marc!