Thursday, 20 September 2012

Apathy rules?

I have to wonder is there much point in continuing with this blog? So few people post here and even less bother to comment on posts? There have been some really interesting stuff posted and next to no one has anything to say. It has been a pretty good month for birding and yet so little posting or comment, what's it going to be like in December?! Same goes for the putting out of bird news, I must have texted some 80 people yday about the Western Sandpiper - reaction? A tiny number people responed in any way! Doesn't take long to type "Ta"! So that's my morning rant over now back to birds... Alan


  1. Not your usual post Alan! This blog is just a news reel for Nw birders. It's getting a steady number of views c400 a day, 12k a month so I thought you'd be happy with the advertising opportunities alone included in most of your posts. Like you always say it works both ways but technology is changing the way news gets out too.
    Not many people comment, not many posts require one but great posts like Steve's melodious thread catch a lot of attention and praise.
    I can't see how this blog is the problem, more the lack of gratitude and apathy for your news dispersal behind the scenes perhaps but if that's the case is this the right place to voice it?

    1. Some fair points from both of you. The web certainly has seen revolutionary changes in the way the way most local birders connect and share news, comments, experiences etc

      I greatly appreciate the effort anyone makes into contributing and keeping this place going. I seldom post/comment but read virtually everything, and will make more of an effort to feedback. I often wonder if an actual forum would be more user friendly?

      Alan's been fantastic at keeping us informed of what's occurring locally for years - respect due! At the same time many of us use tweet, blog and post on here... all useful.

      There's always going to be a hardcore of people posting regularly and many lurkers. Be great if more of the latter had something to say.

      Good Birding


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    1. Use it or lose it.

      Most of my activities these days seem to be ringing based and usually Rob's on hand to give a few interesting bits. I thoroughly enjoyed Steve's piece on the Melodious. So I will try harder to get interesting stuff on ID, ageing, etc with in the hand shots were possible.

      Social media had changed the way we disseminate information, and bloggs, twitter, and facebook which I have yet to fathom seem to be the way information gets out. I don’t think another forum is the way forwards. The "forum" was for me like many others essential browsing and thanks to both Adrian and Andrew for the great job they did. However it did for me at least evolve in a direction that held little to hold my interest.

      Wearing my BTO hat I could use the blog to promote BTO surveys etc, but I hope I am preaching to the converted so have refrained. That being said all you smart phone users should really be looking at the Birdtrack app, manages all your sightings and lists, and your data gets used for conservation planning. Watch the space it is going to get even better.


  3. I am a regular reader of this blog but I rarely post or comment. Mostly this is because I have nothing interesting to say (story of my life...) and because I don't twitch.

    However always read every post, and I like that there is a good mix of rarity reports and patch birding.

    From now on I resolve to comment more and show appreciation. We need a Facebook-style Like button!

  4. Rob you got the wrong end of the stick, my rant was to encourage more people to post and comment on here! I think this should be an excellent blog, but its only as good as the posts on here.

    Nick's idea of a like button is great at least that people who actually post would know someone read the thing!

    Most of us don't have a clue how many people read the posts.

    Not sure what you, Rob, mean about the changing way of news getting out? It needs someone to find the birds and then tell other people - end of! As long as the news gets out quickly who cares which method is used? I have been working hard to do this for over 30 years! Seems an awful lot of birders are very happy to take the news and go see birds but VERY few put back updates if they see the bird.

    So please birders who read this blog comment and post to keep it alive and interesting!


  5. It's a news reel. There hasn't been much news over the last month or so therefore few posts until this week. Not everyone is out birding everyday like you unfortunately. If you are trying to encourage input to the blog which 'should' be excellent why start with 'I wonder if there's any point continuing'? Not the most positive. I don't think you need people 'liking' everything or feeding back oohs and aahs. There's facebook and forums for that. Blogger as a tool isn't totally ideal, especially where subsequent photos could be uploaded to support threads- like Steve's wren post today but on the whole it's just a snippet of what the news is and blogger seems to suit that style.
    Sounds like your biggest gripe is with gratitude and feedback on sitings. Maybe don't send so many texts or possibly charge for the service.

  6. I've been following this blog for some time now and whilst I've never posted or replied to any of the posts I just wanted to say that I find the posts on here extremely interesting and useful.

    I don't actually live in North Wales but do visit fairly regularly on birding trips. This blog has been a very useful tool for me when planning these trips and long may it continue.

    I'm sure there are other birders out there like me who also read this but never reply.


    Nick Isherwood

  7. Thanks Nick, glad its been of interest. We'll keep it going.

  8. Good to know Nick! Problem is others don't know this, until now, if more people posted we would know.

    You mention you visit N Wales maybe pop a post on with your sightings next time your up? Be great to hear from you and the many (now Rob has told us just how many) people who view the postings.

    I am 100% for making this a great place for bird info - that was where this started!

    Good Birding

  9. you can't win them all. a lot of people left because there was too much chat. Now there are complaints there isn't enough here.

    I follow this site but have never wanted to post. it's a blog with a limited number of contributers, which isn't designed for chat. forums are designed for chat/contribution. is now the time to bury the hatchet and return to nwbf, there is room on the web for both.

  10. Anon- you are correct in that you can't win them all. Personally I there is no hatchet to bury with nwbf- my interest in it dwindled, I asked all the birders I know if they would like a blog 'for birding' set up and they said yes. So there are 30+ people able to post, their choice whether they do or not- I'm not going to chase them with a stick if they don't. Everyone is free to use whatever forum they like.
    Alan, nick the visiting birder cant post because I don't know him so he hasn't been invited. Not everyone is bothered about news or likes or how many followers there are or feel obliged to put news out. I'm sure any visiting birder would if they found anything. However if anyone wants to contribute my email is on the home page so it's open to any birder.
    I dont see what your getting at really Alan if it's the blog why not just email or speak to me? Or if it's news or people in general why not use your own blog or Facebook to air those views not here.