Sunday, 9 September 2012

Black Redstart and 'Glip' Crossbill - Great Orme today

After a fairly quiet week on the Orme a few bits and pieces this morning. Highlights were an imm/ fem Black Redstart on by the limestone carpark, a Common Crossbill (see below for sonogram), 2 Snipe (+ another 2 different birds seen by Pete Alderson), 4 Blackcaps, an influx of 10+ Goldcrest, 3 Chiffchaff, 1 Willow Warbler and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. Overhead were 5 'alba' Wagtails and 4 Grey Wagtails, while 50-60 Meadow Pipits were present. A nice flock of 10 Chough were also present with another 3 seen at the opposite end of the headland. Offshore, 45 Common Scoter flew east while 2 Grey Heron flew west.
Sonogram of a Common Crossbill over the Great Orme this morning. Referring to the Sound Approach book, this is a classic 'Glip' Crossbill due to the V shape in the graph.Click on the image for a clearer picture. There are a number of different Crossbill vocals and possibly indicate different sub-species or even species! A good introduction here -
 Best bird of the morning and one of the last I saw as I arrived back at the car. A good case of keep going. After being out for over four hours and seeing very little to be honest this was a welcome find - a fine imm / female type Black Redstart. It was immediately mobbed by the Meadow Pipits and disappeared down towards the Rest and be Thankful cafe.
 At least five Northern Wheatears present, looking very fresh and smart .
There is a large flock of Goldfinches near the churchyard at present with some 200 birds present. Fingers crossed it pulls in a goodie ove rthe next few months.


  1. I much preferred the unedited title to this entry.
    PS My Birdforum page says I have no friends. How did they know?

  2. Eddie, my wife read it and said I was never going up
    there again if that was what I was seeing each morning! p s I'll be your friend :-)

  3. What was going on up there? Was Alan involved?

  4. Don't worry rob- the title ensured hell of a lot of hits through google search! Thought it might get the site closed down though so changed it. Hope Ireland rocked....