Thursday, 27 September 2012

Back from the Highlands

We had five brilliant days birding north of the border. First good birds were two Buff breasted Sandpipers in Lothian and the trip just went on producing great birds! We will post a blog soon but here is a pic of the Buff breasts.
For the person that sent the abusive comments to Marc Hughes, very sad that you felt you had to insult a person that has worked relentlessly to share bird information here and elsewhere. I wonder what you have done to help others? Two Ospreys seen on the Inland Sea today and Bardsey Bird Observatory had a good day! Good Birding Alan and Ruth


  1. Lovely shots of the Buff breasted Sandpipers. Gorgeous little things. Very jealous of those.

  2. Don't know what was said to Marc but I have certainly twitched a number of Marc's birds for which I am very grateful. Let's hope for a nice sibe this weekend!

  3. I've just seen Marc. He's coping well. The person thought he started the Apathy thread of Alan's and called him naughty names and had a rant via direct message on twitter. Lets just say he didn't agree with Alan's post. No need to go through things again. Lets keep it to bird news please- anything else will get deleted.

  4. Have posted more pics of the Buff breasted on our blog
    if you need more of these ace waders!

    Alan and Ruth