Thursday, 20 September 2012

Anyone for Fishing?

I must confess I haven't had much time to bird this week. I even looked out of the window at 7.45 am this morning and swore as there was quite a lot of gannets, kitts and a few manxies streaming by.But unfortunately I had to go to work, dang! Someone has to keep the economy going I suppose ;-)I did manage to get to Cemlyn on Monday night but, that was rock-pooling with the boy. Didn't see many birds of note but caught a massive Brittle-star though.That was ace.Can't do much after work now as the nights are drawing in and the kids after-school activities are pretty hectic! Anyway must dash, sounds like the kids are attacking each other upstairs, but before I go look at this cracking male Cuckoo Wrasse Tony White's son, Johnathan caught at Llanbadrig near Cemaes the other week, makes me want to take up fishing again!


  1. Is that a can of Dandelion and Burdock or Kestrel lager-either way it looks like a great day out. Think the mackerel are in so lets go for it. Can we get chips after?