Monday, 3 September 2012

Zillions of Scoter!

With flat calm sea and good light went to have a look at the scoter flock of Old Colwyn and what an amazing sight it is! The flock extends from Rhos Point to Llandulas, the numbers are staggering, if you get a chance go take a look. How many? No idea but many, many thousands. Perhaps over 100,000?? The flock is hundreds deep in places and streches for miles, be great to get a count but how would you do? From the air probably the only way, anyone got a plane? Also a Velevet Scoter, a Black Tern and 2 Red t Divers, and sure to lost of other good stuff, who can find a White winged Scoter in there? Alan and Ruth


  1. I'm glad you've stuck your neck out and said that figure Alan. I thought that yesterday but played safe with a number of 25000+ ! Amazing numbers and amazing sight.

    1. Wow, might have to leave Lleyn and even drive past Bangor for a change and have a look ;-p

      Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust were doing lots of aerial surveys in Liverpool Bay a few years ago and I wonder if that's still the case. If there are such crazy numbers there it probably makes it one of the most significant sites in Europe.