Friday, 14 September 2012

Going back to where it all began...

After working on the bird report all week it was time for a break so I got in the car and drove to Dorset.The lure of Britain's second ever Short billed Dowitcher was the main lure. Thankfully it hadn't done one over-night, and was showing well within 10 minutes of arriving around 8am at Lodmore, allowing some digi-record shots.I then visited Radipole lake. This was the place where for me it all began. I had always had an interest in Birds and Wildlife but it was on this family holiday to Weymouth when I became a birder at the age of 12-ish. At Radipole I bought The Spotters Guide to Birds and started ticking them off that very day, with Cetti's Warbler being the most note-worthy.I haven't stopped since.It's just new birds are getting fewer and far between nowerdays, but there's the law of diminishing returns for you! The resident Hooded Merg was worth a few shots, which was hanging around with the Tufties. Then it was on to twitch my first ever British Monarch that was showing well at Easton in Portland, before going down to the Obs to stick my nose in their moth trap.The Monarch was a bit tatty, but was still a stonking Butterfly to see, especially next to Red Admirals on the Buddlea. The Obs Warden was a sound bloke, and showed me my first ever Beautiful Gothic, The Delicate, Feathered Brindle and a few more Southern Species.Then it was the 6 hour drive home, a long way and a long day, but well worth the effort.

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  1. Great stuff Steve... mm, I feel twitchy. Love the anecdotes - Cetti's is a mega bird to connect with when you're starting out :-)

    I want to see a Monarch - they look like Chinooks (and probably create as much downdraft).

    Good Birding!