Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Birdrace on foot - who's idea was that?

Well, I don't think I will be able to walk properly for a week now! I was birding from 7am till gone 6pm, and Les came along for the craic. The first hour I saw Blackbird and heard Snipe and never had the desired Tawny and Little Owl, so I could have had an extra hour in bed. We did Cemaes,Wylfa,Cemlyn then finished at Llyn Llygeirian. We managed 76 species but it was a stuggle and was hard work in more than one way.Hats off to Tony White who did a similar route Llygeirian, Llanfairynghornwy, Hen Borth and Cemlyn and he got 78 inlcluding good views of a female Marsh Harrier. I know Eddie got 63 around his gaff and Geoff and Kate got 44 in 4 and a half hours around Aber/Morfa Madryn. What did anyone else get? Reg had a flyby Little Auk at Cemlyn Yesterday. I think the Auk and Kittiwake passage off Wylfa was one of the highlights for me. Martin Jones had Red Squirrels showing well at Llyn Parc Mawr today (a day late and not birds!) ;-) Another Marsh Harrier was on Llyn Penrhyn yesrday and 2 Firecrests were at SH 414672 yesterday (ta Alan), by the way Alan had 36 species on the Orme yesterday,so even Geoff and Kate Gibbs beat Alan ;-) Also thanks to Steve Stansfield for wishing me Happy New Year 6 times. Finally I'm off to tend to my sore feet. I thought walking was supposed to be good for you? Maybe not in wellies? See Marcs post for other scores but did anyone else have a go?

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