Friday, 4 January 2013

For the Gullers amongst you...

Went to Richmond bank and found a couple of interesting gulls. First pic is of a white winger... Initially thought Iceland, then changed my mind to Glaucous, and back to Iceland... Scrowl down further for more pics on BF...the other ones are of what appears to be YLGull... any thoughts much appreciated esp on Iceland/Glaucous type gull!

 Blogger won't let me upload pics so I posted them on here last night! Cheers



  1. Interesting Alex. Always difficult from photos but I'd tend to go with a small Glaucous Gull (probably female), however I can see why you're puzzled as the head shape and bill looks good for Iceland in some pics . The bulk of the bird looks more Glauc to me though.

    As for the Yellow-legged, I'd have certainly called it one.

    Nice one.

  2. Yes I would tend to think the white-winger was a small Glaucous, as Mark says with a small bill. Not sure where Richmond bank is? Far over the border?

  3. Gulls always puzzle me, once you think you've got to a certain level, you're knocked off with another mystery! But really enjoyable and challenging at the same time!

    There seems to be a lot of people swaying towards Glaucous but like you said Marc with the head shape and definitely the bill looked like Iceland features. Thanks Marc!

    David - Richmond bank is in cheshire: see map:,-2.657318&spn=0.006733,0.021136

  4. Alex- any chance of putting a write up about that ringed hybrid gull? Superb!

  5. Yeah, ran out of time last night, will sort it out now :)