Saturday, 5 January 2013

Llangefni Dippers

That's the good thing about being a birder. One minute you are waiting for your wife to come out of Asda with some new school trousers for your son and you are losing the will to live, next minute you are deeply engrossed in your favourite hobby!I was in the Adsa car park in Llangefni by the river so I thought I would have a quick look for Dipper. Due to consruction they seemed to disappear from Llangefni after 2003.However single birds were seen again onwards from 2009. There was never any proof of breeding again until recently.This spring I thought I heard two birds calling then breeding was confirmed again this July when Brian Iddon saw a juvenile at the site. I only found this out this week when I received his 2012 records. Today I checked and quickly locked onto a Dipper and soon after it was joined by another which was great!The first pair I had seen in years here. I took a few photos and only realised today that Dippers actually have silvery white underside to their primary and secondary wing feathers!You learn new things all the time. This is the main site on the island for Dippers but we do get the occasional records from smaller rivers by Cadnant, Llanfairpwll, Penmynydd and even Pengorffwhysfa. It was great to see a pair togeather today after so many years!

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