Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cetti's Warbler - Rhyl

I was certainly put to shame yesterday when I only had a total of 8 birds for the day but I blame that on New Years Eve, so I came back in force today. With the car in the service, I decided to have a look around Rhyl Brickwork pools, and the first bird I pretty much locked on to was a superb Cetti's Warbler. Elusive to start but called a couple of times. If anyone is familiar with the site, it was in the small bushes and reeds on the far right of the car park next to a wooden carved out cormorant, so worth a look!
I was initially after the Scaup, but after trying to turn every tufty into one, I realised there wasn't one! Other decent birds there included a Water Rail, showing well, 2 Pintail and 5 Gooseanders.
Eventually moved on to Conwy RSPB where the Firecrest showed briefly and also had Hawinch at Llanbedr!
Not a bad day!
also ... has there been a Cetti's report in Denbighshire before?


  1. Good find, Alex! There have been a few Cettis at Conwy over the years, all in the Denbighshire part of the reserve.

  2. Excellent record Alex. I'm sure it's a first for the Rhyl area.