Saturday, 12 January 2013

Long-tailed Duck and Scoters off Llanddulas

I had 2 LTD from the quarry road earlier today with at least 3 Velvets in flight also 5 Scaup.  There was a bit of a haze but just about doable but i couldn't spot the Surfies.  There's still a lot of Common Scoter (probably around 5000), RTD and GC Grebes but seems to be more Scoter off Kinmel Bay and Pensarn lately.  Conditions might be perfect for a look tomorrow.

Firecrest and Bittern seen at Conwy RSPB again today with a few Lesser Redpoll and 2 Jay.


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  1. Nice one with LTD. I spent some time off Llandulas, got the velvets, RTD and GGC but couldn't get the Surfies. The flock seems to extend over quite a range with some from Kimnel Bay too.