Monday, 21 January 2013

River Clwyd

After reports of a black-throated diver and scaup on the river Clwyd I paid a visit this afternoon. No sign of the diver but the male scaup was still present near the sunken boat. This is probably the same bird that's commuting between here and Rhyl Brickworks pond. On the way back found an adult winter Med gull in among the black-headed gulls and common gulls in field near the pylons with 160 golden plover also there and scores of fieldfares and redwings. Distant pics of Med gull and scaup:
Pic of loafing scaup at brickworks pond a week or so ago


  1. Nice one Julian. There might even be a fem Scaup in your pic there, seems somewhat larger, paler, slopey back of the head and some of the white facial patch can be seen. Can't be 100% of course, and sometimes cameras tell fibs!
    Cheers, Mike.

  2. There are a pair Mike, they stayed around for a few days then the female seems to have moved on. Missed the Cetti's here again!

  3. Ah right, good luck with the Cetti's!