Thursday, 10 January 2013

Clwyd Sandpiper still present

After a tip off from Ken Croft regarding a conversation he had with another birder regarding an interesting sandpiper sp. seen on the River Clwyd yesterday, I took advantage of a quick 15 minutes between meetings to see if the bird was still there.

Probably the same bird as Alex saw last week, the sandpiper was immediately picked up between the two bridges on the far side. The bird looked like a Common Sandpiper to me, however the light was fading and distance through bins is not ideal. I managed to take some pics with my phone - far from ideal and don't really show the bird as I remember it as it looks a bit Spotted like in the pic!

If anyone is around the area over the weekend, at worst you'll get an unseasonal year tick.


  1. Yeah, looks like the same, as the first thing that jumped out at me was its short primary projection. I'll be down there tomorrow!!

  2. Looks like a Common Sand to me, but I hope it's a Spotted for you!