Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Anglesey Escape

I was speaking to the chap in Benllech where the Ring neck comes to feed today. He said it is a female type with no neck ring. He also said a chap from Pentraeth had been asking about it in the local pet shop as he lost one (presumably this one) about 6 weeks ago. It's been in Benllech for at least a month now.


  1. That makes the Llanrhos birds so much more special. You might tempt them over with your monkey nuts.

  2. That's most likely an escape as well I would have thought. Does anyone know how far the established populations have been known to disperse? After Budgie and Cockatiel Ring necks are one of the more common parrot-like birds kept in captivity.David Wright had a Zebra Finch on the Ridge at Cemlyn in 2010 - bizzare!

  3. I agree with you steve, probably are escapes. However, with small populations in Blackpool, Manchester, Birmingham and even in south Wales they must be spreading. The south east bird started from escaped birds and look at them now. No matter what their origins, they're great birds to watch. My advice- go and have a look. Beats sitting at home finishing off tue turkey.