Thursday, 1 December 2011

Close encounter

While searching, and failing, to find any purple sandpipers at Rhos Point this afternoon an immature great northern diver showed up very close to the shoreline. The bird was feeding for at least 20 minutes near to the promenade rocks and at one point surfaced with what appeared to be some kind of crustacean rather than a fish. Also 10+ red-throated divers seen and 80+ common scoters with the usual waders roosting on the rocks (minus purple sand!).


  1. Hi Julian. Nice to meet you today. It may have had a crab as they are pretty partial to them. I got a photo of a Black Guilimot once with a crustacian in it's mouth. On close inspection it turned out to be a Hermit Crab without the shell.

  2. Cheers Steve, I think it was probably a crab but crayfish also crossed my mind but don't know whether they catch them in this area.