Thursday, 1 December 2011

Conwy Yellow Browed Warbler Photos

The day started with a fabulous sunrise over Snowdonia and although as I left the island I was tempted to carry on up into the mountains, I was lured East by the little Gems at Conwy RSPB. On arrival I got a text off Alan saying there were 2 Firecrests there now! I phoned him to ask where and he told me Robert had them and had also just had the Yellow Browed, and was watching them now! I asked for directions but the sound of the A55 traffic meant it didn't go in very well. I wandered around the wildlife garden area to no avail. I couldn't find Robert nevermind a bird a thousand times smaller than him! I was starting to get a bit panicky now, I'd tried pishing with no luck so resorted to shouting "Robert!" - nothing! I got on the phone to call Robert's mobile. "Hello" a lady answered. For some stupid reason I said "Is that Robert?", to which the reply was "No It's his Mum, we've swapped phones". I kept calm, thanked her and appologised even though I was thinking "Who swaps phones with their Mum!!!" Thankfully another birder appeared to take me behind the bushes I needed to be behind before I had a fit! There I got some shots of the Warbler but the Firecrests had moved along. Hi Robert, any chance I can have your new number, and regards to your Mother, ta ;-)


  1. Steve...I'm gald I didn't see the other birder appear to take you behind the bushes! Bloody hell that must have been a sight! ;-)

  2. It was. He helped me in my moment of need. I;ll post the photos later.
    Who's that? You know I have a neurosis about anonymous posts :-)

  3. I hear all sorts of stories about Conwy birding sites, especially the lovely RSPB one :-)

    Oh the joys of twitching! I find it stressful enough locating my own birds these days...

    Nice photos by the way of my favourite phyllosc - little crackers!