Thursday, 29 December 2011

Porthmadog Water Pipits.

One of two Water Pipits this morning at one of their most reliable sites in North Wales, the small beach on the seaward side at the Meirionnydd end of the Cob Embankment at Porthmadog. Water Pipits are only seen here on the highest tides. Up to 20 Rock Pipits were also present this morning for comparison as well as the resident leucistic individual. Apologies for the poor photo but it was taken in near darkness with strong SW winds and drizzle! The Water Pipits here are very wary and will fly far away if disturbed and it can be very difficult to get close to them.

Leucistic Rock Pipit. Porthmadog Cob, Dec. 2011. Now spending its sixth winter at the site.


  1. Good record Elfyn!

    Just wondered if anyone has ever recorded them over on the Harlech side of the Dwyryd?

    Pob Hwyl


  2. I think there is a report of one on Morfa Harlech a few years back, Andrew. They should be using other parts of the Glaslyn/Dwyryd Estuaries to feed. There's so much area to check though! I'll stick to my little beach. Quite a few records here now in the last fifteen years or so but scarce or absent in some winters.

  3. Cheers Elfyn - Harlech is a great area, like many grossly underwatched.