Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bony back?

Gareth Jones was at Lligwy yesterday and saw a small gull next to a Black head with a pale underwing that he thought may have been the Bonapartes Gull returning. He did also notice oddly it still had a black hood. So if you are in the Lligwy area don't forget to check the gulls, especially any with a black hood!On the topic of returning gulls, the effluent pipe is out again opposite Pentraeth Automotive (it's a bit smelly!)and it's pulling in the gulls, so it may be worth a quick scan if passing, especially as there was a returning Glauc here several years on the bounce recently.


  1. ......it's just come on Birdguides as a "possible" been seen again today. Anyone know who had it?

  2. In the days when we really did do January birdraces on the 1st, I found a Sabine's Gull at Benllech which had a near black hood, grey collar and two-tone bill. It was number 100 for the day (we finished on 107). Ken Croft liked the bird very much and has often challenged me to find another on any birdrace at any time of year. I have failed dismally to repeat the sighting.