Friday, 28 December 2012

Clwyd Sandpiper Sp.

Had quite a good selection of birds down on the Clwyd lately with a male and female Merlin, Wildfowl consisting of Shoveler, Goldeneye, Tufted Duck, plenty of Wigeon, 3 Little Grebes, the odd Little Egret and a few Swans and Geese.
Waders have been good too with Grey Plover, Bar Tailed Godwit and over 1000 Lapwing wintering at the site. On 27th December I came across a Common Sandpiper type species. By the time I saw it, it was 3.30pm, light was fading and the bird was quite a distance. Although not a clencher for Spotted Sandpiper, it did appear to have a less of a primary projection than what a Common would have, it appeared to have 'light' legs and was very active, and ocassionally getting chased by a Redshank.
Probably the most unhelpful picture i.d wise, but it brightens up the post a little!
If anyone in the area, the bird was seen on the muddy banks along the water's edge just south of the railway bridge and I was on the Rhyl side viewing. Weather was horendous today and the tide came in quicker than I wanted so only got 30 mins this morning but worth a look if in the area. It was last seen heading in the direction of Rhuddlan and there are a few shingle edges and islands that way that Common Sands like to favour in the Summer.

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