Saturday, 29 December 2012

Lens for sale

Hi everyone,

I was thinking of upgrading my lens soon, and so thought I would post a little advertisement here in case someone is interested. The lens I am selling is a Canon 100-400mm f4-5.6 L series zoom lens. I have had it since August 2010, and it has served me well. Almost all the images on the Bardsey Wildlife blog were taken with this lens, on a Canon 7D body.

The lens itself is still working perfectly fine, although has quite a few scratches on the lens hood, and the writing on the lens is a bit faded. I still have most of the bits and pieces that it first arrived with, including a lens case, the lens hood etc. 

Attached to Canon 40D
 Fully extended plus lens hood
Fully compacted with inverted lens hood

If anyone is interested, please contact me at:


  1. Contact Steve on if you would like a canon eos 7d body too.

  2. I'm looking for £650 for the body only, I paid £1200 two years ago, still selling for £974 at Jessops. It is in mint condition, and has never had the lens taken off it. There is no dust on the censor. Images on are taken with the body. And 400mm lens as above. Buy this and bens lens and you are ready to go!


  3. Hi Steve, could you please tell me how many actuations the 7D has made.

  4. Hi Pete, the actuation count is 53,251. Canon rate the shutter life for a 7d at 15,000.


  5. Forgot to mention it is genuine UK stock and not a grey import. I have all receipts etc. (somewhere!).