Monday, 10 December 2012

Hard to Digest!

A bit late, but here's a photo of a pellet coughed up by the Rhyl Desert Wheatear. I collected this on the Sunday when it was feeding well on natural food. The pellet contains chitinous exoskeletal remains that the bird couldn't digest from it's insect prey. This was taken with a USB Microscope and doesn't have a brilliant depth of field but is another shot to add to our record of this bird.


  1. Fantastic Paul. If my poop scoop doesn't work, I'm sure a DNA sample could be got from this. It certainly needs a nice expensive case and put pride of place on the mantle piece - instead of the wedding photo or something :-)

  2. Sounds like an idea Marc!!! I will add it to my Red-backed Shrike Pellet I collected in Cheshire!! No news yet on the poo sample DNA I take it? Yep I love this sort of stuff Dave :)