Saturday, 1 December 2012

Buzzard Binge!

I saw this Buzzard munching its way through a dead Porpoise yesterday in Red Wharf Bay. I know they are arch scavengers but I've never seen this before! It was keeping four Great Black-Backs at bay. Also there are at least 2500 feeding gulls on Red Wharf at the moment, feeding on what seems to be a 'wreck' of shrimps. Nothing obviously unusual amongst them, but worth checking again tomorrow. Has this been seen anywhere else on the coast? Also a Water Pipit yesterday and 4 Whooper Swans dropped in today.

I also saw a Common Gull 'perched' on electric cables today. Very odd behaviour.


  1. Great stuff David- shame it wasn't an ivory gull! Presumably the same four Whooper Seans flew over the Little Orme around 2pm.

  2. Hi
    Regarding Common Gulls - I live in East Cheshire and although we have a village pool that attracts Gulls, Goosander etc I sometimes get Common Gulls sat on the neighbours roof waiting for me to throw out bread... seriously.


    1. As if killing off all the Pheasants and munching cute n cuddly bunnies was not enough to satisfy their blood lust these evil Buzzards have now turned their attention to the lovely cetacean tribe... I can almost hear the sad whale songs and desperate dolphiny clicks echoing off the Anglesy coast...

      I say it is time for a cull!!!

      Seriously, that is interesting behaviour - surely worth a note to BB?