Thursday, 12 January 2012

Gull fest - Jan 12th

Video footage here - and here

Exciting stuff. Wait until you see Martin Garner's mind blowing full framers!
A subtle bird, but a different feel from Iceland - subtle dusky edges to the primaries, subtle tail band, blotchy 2nd winter plumage and a beefy overall structure gave us all an instant buzz of excitement as it first flew past. Martin's expert knowledge then took over as we discussed the finer points. I'm sure the bird will turn up on his blog soon -
Glaucous Gull showing well too (aged as a 2nd winter by Martin). Great Northern Diver and 3 Black Guillemots Bangor Harbour. Black throated Diver and 3 Black Guillemtos in Holyhead Harbour. Slavonian Grebe, 154 Pale Bellied Brent Geese and 3 superb Med Gulls at Beddmanarch Bay.

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  1. Good artile on 2w Kumlein's Gull Identification here -

    Although subtle the Pont llyfni individual seems to show a whole set of characters.