Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saving Turkey's Birds

Just back from a great day out with Rob and Chris in Teeside, where we went on one of Martin Garner's Gull Days - Iceland Gull, Med Gulls, loads of superb 'argentatus' Herring Gulls, drake Ring necked Duck, Marsh Harrier, Greenland and European White fronted Geese. Loads of good learning too. While there we met Cumbria's Tristan Reid; a self confessed gull junkie and also of fame.

Tristan is raising money to try and save some of Turkey's most well known birds and to do this he is having 20 of Turkey's most famous birds tatooed on his arms. The project is called 'Giving my right arm!' If you would like to help Tristan in his quest to raise this money, you can help by visiting -
What a great cause.


  1. Wow, I am virtually speechless... that is hardcore!!

    He must be a "self-confessed junkie" to endure them nasty needles for so long - getting my ear done years ago in a moment of teenage fashion following was bad enough.

    Brilliant cause still - good man :-)

  2. Well spotted Andy!

    Apologies Tristain- somehow the word 'gull' got deleted. Back now. Surprised you haven't had me for slander or breach of character!

    1. No worries Marc - thought this blog was going a bit downhill.

      Still plenty room on that head for a nice Turkish gull of some description!