Saturday, 14 January 2012

Rhyl Great Northern Diver - still present

Martin Garner has very kindly sent me these pictures he took of the Great Northern Diver on the Marine Lake during his visit to North wales this week. The bird is still present today.
Adrian Foster alerted me a few weeks ago to the fact that the Diver flattens the bump on its forehead, just before it dives. It's quite obvious as you watch it. I presume it's streamlining itself as it does it in preperation for the dive therefore I presume it is feathers that are lowered and not 'a bulbous knob' on the forehead which I always thought it had. I (and Adian I'm sure) would be interested in hearing of any scientific reason for this. any takers?
It's an amazing experience watching the bird feed - at times you can hear it crunch the crab's shell. It also seems to dive with the crab in its beak - anyone know why does it do this?

If these are the quality fo Martin's picures, I can't wait to see the ones of the Kumlein's Gull!


  1. hi guys

    Great spending time with you. Nice one Adrian- I noticed the bump thing too and managed to capture it on video- on blog post here

    must try and get back soon!

  2. Some superb pics on Martin's site above. Also great video footage from Adrain Foster here -

    One interesting obeservation that was discussed at the Scoter twitch this morning was the fact that the Diver is now taking 6-7 attempts to catch a crab, where as when it first arrived it was catching one every 1-2 attempts. I woner if he's slowly guzzling his way through the Shore Crab population in the lake?
    Unfortunately the lake will be drained in a few weeks time, so if you haven't been to see it yet - don't leave it too late.